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Germanicum Artis XXXV - Feature of German Artists. Mixed Media!

:star::star::star: :iconfeyrah: :star::star::star:
When you say nothing at all... by Feyrah Like the Sun by Feyrah I know you are there. by Feyrah A Star is born by Feyrah Total eclipse of the heart by Feyrah

:star::star::star: :iconsalawati: :star::star::star:
Come on, follow closely... by Salawati swamp worm by Salawati Reineke by Salawati Autumn Blue by Salawati Leviathan by Salawati

:star::star::star: :iconeimer: :star::star::star:
Hold Fast by Eimer :thumb124164775: :thumb92981779: :thumb82184841: :thumb69569354:

:star::star::star: :iconphotogenic-art: :star::star::star:
Fabiola VIII by photogenic-art Leonie - Munich II by photogenic-art Leonie III-XIV by photogenic-art Senta I by photogenic-art Romina III by photogenic-art

:star::star::star: :iconlueka-gruessing: :star::star::star:
:thumb167155535: :thumb157019178: :thumb150478114: :thumb152973384: :thumb157019900:

:star::star::star: :iconsignmeupscotty: :star::star::star:
Lightness of Being by signmeupscotty Nothing Compares by signmeupscotty Debonnaire by signmeupscotty Mystic Thistle by signmeupscotty Unforgotten by signmeupscotty

:star::star::star: :iconoofailedoo: :star::star::star:
Celestial by oOfAilEdOo

:star::star::star: :iconroman89: :star::star::star:
Green Mountains.. by Roman89 Red Light.. by Roman89 Never ending.. III by Roman89 Tear by Roman89 .:Beach:. by Roman89

:star::star::star: :iconimpalaarts: :star::star::star:
Autumn Fire by ImpalaArts cherry.blossom.dream by ImpalaArts PEARLS by ImpalaArts la fierte by ImpalaArts Moonlight Cat by ImpalaArts

:star::star::star: :iconaddicted-to-cherries: :star::star::star:
teardrop by addicted-to-cherries lovely. by addicted-to-cherries sway by addicted-to-cherries poppy red IV by addicted-to-cherries 8756. by addicted-to-cherries

:star::star::star: :icondaila0701: :star::star::star:
Holocaust Memorial by Daila0701 Glare II by Daila0701 It's me by Daila0701 german flag by Daila0701 Behind the mask by Daila0701

:star::star::star: :iconmodel-talvi: :star::star::star:
:thumb166570944: :thumb165125883: :thumb165838014: :thumb162140508: :thumb162148166:

:star::star::star: :icondeadstarx: :star::star::star:
Ladybug. by deadstarx green. by deadstarx Fuel To The Flame. by deadstarx Snowflake. by deadstarx Still Around. by deadstarx

:star::star::star: :icongrammophon: :star::star::star:
untitled 239 by Grammophon untitled 226 by Grammophon untitled 215 by Grammophon untitled181 by Grammophon untitled 233 by Grammophon

:star::star::star: :iconnachtvogel0102: :star::star::star:

Mature Content

look at mee big by Nachtvogel0102
Akt by Nachtvogel0102 Angelina Jolie by Nachtvogel0102 Katie Holmes by Nachtvogel0102 Taylor Swift by Nachtvogel0102

:star::star::star: :iconalexxchen: :star::star::star:
Flower's Light by Alexxchen Sophie IV by Alexxchen Jacko I by Alexxchen Conny I by Alexxchen Pinar II by Alexxchen

:star::star::star: :iconartoriginal: :star::star::star:

Mature Content

La Romana by ArtOriginal
..second half by ArtOriginal

Mature Content

lonely by ArtOriginal

Mature Content

necklace by ArtOriginal

Mature Content

corned torso 2 by ArtOriginal

:star::star::star: :iconmaulschn: :star::star::star:
far far away. by maulschn harmony. by maulschn i wanna. by maulschn recognize. by maulschn heart attack. by maulschn

:star::star::star: :iconprofelisaurata: :star::star::star:
Sky by ProfelisAurata Deer by ProfelisAurata giant panda by ProfelisAurata Light by ProfelisAurata poisonous supplication by ProfelisAurata

:star::star::star: :iconcoxo: :star::star::star:
:thumb155883961: :thumb94740383: :thumb25738494: :thumb155728910: :thumb125257660:

:star::star::star: :iconjsz: :star::star::star:
Yet another fly... by jsz .: f r a g i l e : . by jsz ... shattered III ... by jsz fly portrait V by jsz .. spring IV .. by jsz

:star::star::star: :icondiggedy: :star::star::star:
Wheat Field by diggedy :thumb167023265: :thumb165685637: :thumb165167532: :thumb165055972:

:star::star::star: :iconsvenimal: :star::star::star:
Blueberry by Svenimal Dragon by Svenimal The first warm days by Svenimal Leader of the pride by Svenimal Daycare by Svenimal

:star::star::star: :iconwohooo3: :star::star::star:
Isle of Her by Wohooo3 To Cut a Long Story Short. by Wohooo3 ice cream2 by Wohooo3 Sleep Deprivation. by Wohooo3 Hollywood Shit. by Wohooo3

:star::star::star: :iconhexaloner: :star::star::star:
Reichenbacherhof II by Hexaloner Werda Dam - Talsperre II by Hexaloner Reichenbacherhof III by Hexaloner Sunset_G_e by Hexaloner Oberauerbach II by Hexaloner

.FLy [:eager: by darkmoon3636]

Shameless selfpromotion:
Waiting too Long for some Love by suphafly P i p e by suphafly Peacock Butterfly II by suphafly ECO-Electricity by suphafly P a i n t e d by suphafly

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Nachtvogel0102 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010

Das ist ja schön zu sehen :-)


Lieber gruß

Salawati Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2010
Danke fürs Feature! :)
danke :excited:
Hexaloner Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
Hey, wow... danke, dass ich unter denen geführt wurde! Alle sind besonders gut! ;)
ImpalaArts Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
cool! Danke!
maulschn Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
wow vielen vielen dank !! :)
jsz Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
Vielen Dank für das Feature! :)
Grammophon Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
wie imemr schöne arbeiten dabei :-)
Roman89 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey! Vielen Dank fürs Feature :)
COXO Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
Vielen Dank für das Feature :)
Eimer Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
coohool, danke.
ArtOriginal Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Professional Photographer
wunderschöne collection
vielen dank für die features
LeviaDraconia Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
Wiedermal schöne Arbeiten dabei
Picturesque-Designs Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Very nice :)
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