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Submitted on
June 22, 2010


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Germanicum Artis XXXV - Feature of German Artists. Mixed Media!

:star::star::star: :iconfeyrah: :star::star::star:
When you say nothing at all... by Feyrah Like the Sun by Feyrah I know you are there. by Feyrah A Star is born by Feyrah Total eclipse of the heart by Feyrah

:star::star::star: :iconsalawati: :star::star::star:
Come on, follow closely... by Salawati swamp worm by Salawati Reineke by Salawati Autumn Blue by Salawati Leviathan by Salawati

:star::star::star: :iconeimer: :star::star::star:
Hold Fast by Eimer :thumb124164775: :thumb92981779: Bill Murray by Eimer :thumb69569354:

:star::star::star: :iconphotogenic-art: :star::star::star:
Fabiola VIII by photogenic-art Leonie - Munich II by photogenic-art Leonie III-XIV by photogenic-art Senta I by photogenic-art Romina III by photogenic-art

:star::star::star: :iconlueka-gruessing: :star::star::star:
:thumb167155535: :thumb157019178: :thumb150478114: :thumb152973384: :thumb157019900:

:star::star::star: :iconsignmeupscotty: :star::star::star:
Lightness of Being by signmeupscotty Nothing Compares by signmeupscotty Debonnaire by signmeupscotty Mystic Thistle by signmeupscotty Unforgotten by signmeupscotty

:star::star::star: :iconoofailedoo: :star::star::star:
Celestial by oOfAilEdOo

:star::star::star: :iconroman89: :star::star::star:
Green Mountains.. by Roman89 Red Light.. by Roman89 Never ending.. III by Roman89 Tear by Roman89 .:Beach:. by Roman89

:star::star::star: :iconimpalaarts: :star::star::star:
Autumn Fire by ImpalaArts cherry.blossom.dream by ImpalaArts PEARLS by ImpalaArts la fierte by ImpalaArts Moonlight Cat by ImpalaArts

:star::star::star: :iconaddicted-to-cherries: :star::star::star:
teardrop by addicted-to-cherries lovely. by addicted-to-cherries sway by addicted-to-cherries poppy red IV by addicted-to-cherries 8756. by addicted-to-cherries

:star::star::star: :icondaila0701: :star::star::star:
Holocaust Memorial by Daila0701 Glare II by Daila0701 It's me by Daila0701 german flag by Daila0701 Behind the mask by Daila0701

:star::star::star: :iconmodel-talvi: :star::star::star:
:thumb166570944: :thumb165125883: :thumb165838014: :thumb162140508: :thumb162148166:

:star::star::star: :icondeadstarx: :star::star::star:
Ladybug. by deadstarx green. by deadstarx Fuel To The Flame. by deadstarx Snowflake. by deadstarx Still Around. by deadstarx

:star::star::star: :icongrammophon: :star::star::star:
untitled 239 by Grammophon untitled 226 by Grammophon untitled 215 by Grammophon untitled181 by Grammophon untitled 233 by Grammophon

:star::star::star: :iconnachtvogel0102: :star::star::star:
look at mee big by Nachtvogel0102 Akt by Nachtvogel0102 Angelina Jolie by Nachtvogel0102 Katie Holmes by Nachtvogel0102 Taylor Swift by Nachtvogel0102

:star::star::star: :iconalexxchen: :star::star::star:
Flower's Light by Alexxchen Sophie IV by Alexxchen Jacko I by Alexxchen Conny I by Alexxchen Pinar II by Alexxchen

:star::star::star: :iconartoriginal: :star::star::star:
La Romana by ArtOriginal ..second half by ArtOriginal lonely by ArtOriginal necklace by ArtOriginal corned torso 2 by ArtOriginal

:star::star::star: :iconmaulschn: :star::star::star:
far far away. by maulschn harmony. by maulschn i wanna. by maulschn recognize. by maulschn heart attack. by maulschn

:star::star::star: :iconprofelisaurata: :star::star::star:
Sky by ProfelisAurata Deer by ProfelisAurata giant panda by ProfelisAurata Light by ProfelisAurata poisonous supplication by ProfelisAurata

:star::star::star: :iconcoxo: :star::star::star:
Ring VIII by COXO 60 by COXO get closer by COXO Ring V by COXO Ring II by COXO

:star::star::star: :iconjsz: :star::star::star:
Yet another fly... by jsz .: f r a g i l e : . by jsz ... shattered III ... by jsz fly portrait V by jsz .. spring IV .. by jsz

:star::star::star: :icondiggedy: :star::star::star:
Wheat Field by diggedy :thumb167023265: :thumb165685637: :thumb165167532: :thumb165055972:

:star::star::star: :iconsvenimal: :star::star::star:
Blueberry by Svenimal Dragon by Svenimal The first warm days by Svenimal Leader of the pride by Svenimal Daycare by Svenimal

:star::star::star: :iconwohooo3: :star::star::star:
Isle of Her by Wohooo3 To Cut a Long Story Short. by Wohooo3 ice cream2 by Wohooo3 Sleep Deprivation. by Wohooo3 Hollywood Shit. by Wohooo3

:star::star::star: :iconhexaloner: :star::star::star:
Reichenbacherhof II by Hexaloner Werda Dam - Talsperre II by Hexaloner Reichenbacherhof III by Hexaloner Sunset_G_e by Hexaloner Oberauerbach II by Hexaloner

.FLy [:eager: by darkmoon3636]

Shameless selfpromotion:
Waiting too Long for some Love by suphafly P i p e by suphafly Peacock Butterfly II by suphafly ECO-Electricity by suphafly P a i n t e d by suphafly

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Nachtvogel0102 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010

Das ist ja schön zu sehen :-)


Lieber gruß

Salawati Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2010
Danke fürs Feature! :)
danke :excited:
Hexaloner Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
Hey, wow... danke, dass ich unter denen geführt wurde! Alle sind besonders gut! ;)
ImpalaArts Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
cool! Danke!
maulschn Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
wow vielen vielen dank !! :)
jsz Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
Vielen Dank für das Feature! :)
Grammophon Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
wie imemr schöne arbeiten dabei :-)
Roman89 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey! Vielen Dank fürs Feature :)
COXO Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
Vielen Dank für das Feature :)
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